Amazing Horses Sleeping And Snoring Loudly!

Even though most of the horses sleep standing up, in this video you will see these horses lying down and snoring extremely loud. Horses do this thing when they are very relaxed and feel safe and you can clearly see that because they don’t even get bothered by someone filming them. When you see a horse lying down and sleeping, it is not always a bad sign and that doesn’t mean that the horse is suffering and needs help.


However sleeping lying down is not good for horses because their own weight puts pressure on their organs. They are just having their usual REM sleep and they do this when they are going through it. Everyone who has spent time with a horse before knows that they can be funny and each has a different and interesting personality. The second horse was trying to stay upright but the sleepiness got to him and he lied down in the most hilarious way. He couldn’t resist to a good nap.  Many people might think the horses are sick and dying, but this is not the case and can be assure that the horses are all fine. Watch the video for more!

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