8-Week-Old Mule Performs For Her Mom! (Video)

It is not quite usual to see mules dancing around and playing like there do not care about anything at all in the world. However, they are really cute and adorable and sometimes they can make our day or simply put a smile on our face for all day long. But this mule in this clip really has something special.

Raven’s mother is Kona, a Tennessee Walker; her father is a donkey named Jack. Raven put on quite a show for her mom and the person filming it by dancing around and making a trick just when her mom turns around. She seems like star dancer and wants to be full of herself but also show off her skills. She snorts, grunts and groans but this does not stop her from enjoying everything she does. There is a moment in the video when Raven does something even she did not expect having hilarious results. Try not to laugh when you see it!

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