Dear Drivers – Please Give Horse Trailers Some Space!

Not everyone knows what it means to stay tight in a vehicle, not being able to move freely and what is more, in case of swerving to hit somebody else or hit the windscreen. But whoever has hauled horses knows what it’s like to be cut off on the freeway. People sometimes drive carelessly and don’t think about the truck and the trailer behind them or that in front of them. They don’t understand that horses are living animals, they are a family and they should be treated as such.

Lisa Stief emphasizes that when she hauls horses her most valued possessions are inside the trailer. “My horses are not a boat or a camp trailer, and I cannot stop quickly or turn sharply without risking their safety and even their life.” However, most drivers drive so close the trailer and in case of hitting the brakes there is a good chance they end up in the trailer with the horses. Most truck drivers, who are hauling horses, keep a long distance between their truck and the car in front of them so that they can stop softly and safely without hurting the horses. Lisa also claims, “When I make those wide turns, I need them to prevent my horses from scrambling. Please give me room and time to run.” We should show empathy with the trailer horses. For more click the link.

Dear Drivers,My most valued possessions are inside the trailer behind my truck. They stepped into that rolling…

Posted by Lisa Stief on Monday, July 21, 2014

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